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New Changes for Alien Design Lab

Good morning everyone – lots of new changes coming for Alien Design Lab. This is a long read but please take the time to see what changes are coming. Also please note that any of the below is subject to change at my discretion – this is all happening at one time and some details may change.

  1. A lot of new changes on the website. New additions of menu items and categories. There are new designs in some of the new categories that we will be adding frequently to.
  2. Photoshop classes and tutorial videos are in the works finally. I will be offering a video lesson on an individual video basis (one video at a time for purchase) and also live Zoom classes that will allow more one on one help and tutorials. I have also considered recording the zoom classes and charging a member fee for later viewing as well as adding an all inclusive to the regular video series but this is all in the works. The Calendar is already up on the website so be looking out to book your spot if you are interested in classes. I am looking to start adding videos as early as this weekend.
  3. Changes to the Lifetime Drive (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE A LIFETIME DRIVE MEMBER PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) – The Lifetime drive buy in for $75 will end October 1st 2021. This will then turn into the 2020 / 2021 drive. ALL CURRENT MEMBERS WILL BE GRANDFATHERED IN TO THE FUTURE LIFETIME DESIGNS. What exactly does this mean? The Lifetime drive price will change October 1st 2021 to $250 for the buy in to get all current designs for this specific drive. Going forward new designs will still be added and the drive will still be updated, and a new drive with new designs will start October 1st 2021 and be added to an all new 2021 / 2022 drive. More information will be posted on the website.
  4. More categories will be added to the website between this week and next. This will include background designs, more elements and additional files for the current categories.
  5. The Website Exclusive Category *(ANOTHER IMPORTANT ONE PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) – The Website exclusive is no long available to purchase. I have more elements and designs that will be added to the category this week and next but it will ultimately phase out and become a Design Elements category of its own. If you purchased the 3 month membership you will still have access to everything within this category until your membership for it expires. This was a category I created to add other types of files other than just tumbler files – and with the addition of the new categories this will no longer be needed since it is all getting separated out into individual categories.

If you visit the website and see changes or something that doesn’t make sense please bare with me. I am changing and testing a lot of functions on the website to ensure a seamless launch when all of the new items become available. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me on here or using the website contact form. There will likely be more changes coming and hopefully all for the better and good to expand what I am currently doing. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and I look forward to growing what I currently have with everyone. Thank you!